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Discover 5 lies you’ve been told about fluoride that have led to

Dear Friend,

Please, read on and study every word on this page as if your life depends on it.

Because the truth is….

Your Health Depends Heavily on what you put inside your mouth!

The 5 BIGGEST Lies about the Efficacy of Flouride And The Reality

  1. Use Flouride Toothpaste for maintaining White Teeth.
  2. But your teeth become Browner or Yellowish as years roll by while using fluoride toothpaste.

  3. Use Flouride toothpaste for strong teeth.
  4. But Flouride causes bone brittleness

  5. Brush Twice a day to keep a healthy set of teeth and gums.
  6. The truth is, the more you brush with your rat-poison-loaded toothpaste the sorer your gum becomes and the faster your teeth deteriorate.

    Cavities and dental malformations occur as a result of malnutrition which is heightened by chemicals such as Fluoride.

  7. Use Flouride toothpaste to be Confident, Successful and Important…
  8. What could be farther from the truth! How could you be confident when the heaviness you feel in your mouth each time you wake up keeps you away from kissing your spouse? Confidence starts in the bedroom! And by afternoon at work, you are uncomfortable because you are unsure of the state of your breath…

  9. Smart kids brush their teeth with fluoride toothpaste after each meal…

Too much Flouride causes brain dullness, causes flourosis which results in a splotchy (white or brown) pattern on teeth.

How did I come about these Observations?

As a matter of fact….

I was constantly battling bleeding and swollen gums, toothaches, tooth decay and cavities and consequent mouth odors.

I started using toothpaste and buying according to

After buying according to ALL THESE….

I had recurring gum bleeding and cavities. And I could remember being pregnant and having persistent toothaches.

My teeth became a major concern. My nights were dreadful.

I never knew the culprit was the active ingredient in my toothpaste: Sodium Fluoride

What I Wanted My Toothpaste To Do For Me

After I lost 3 of my teeth within a few months, I started searching for what to use to prevent further tooth loss.

I was also looking for a toothpaste that my entire family could use…

Fortunately, in my crazy search, a friend shared an information on this tooth gel with me…

The Forever No-Flouride Bright ToothGel

I was a bit skeptical when she said it had no fluoride.

We had always thought that the good toothpaste must have high percent fluoride.

I picked it up to try.

Wow! I got swept off my feet!

I have not had any tooth problem in years of using it…

None whatsoever!

My teeth and gums are very healthy.

My teeth have remained white and free of plaques and discoloration over the years.

I thought it was normal for the inside of your teeth to be discolored: yellowish or brownish…I marvel at how clean and clear mine is, maintaining the same color as the outside enamel, from year to year!

Fresh mouth after hours of night sleep!

Kissing my hubby as we wake up from sleep comes easy because our mouths are still fresh after 5-7 hours of sound sleep…

We sleep better and wake up fresh!

My morning workouts, I discovered, are easy because I don’t wake up tired after brushing with this No-flouride toothgel to go to bed.

This is particularly important to me because, my daily workout is one routine among others that I love to keep.


No more teeth loss

I pulled off 3 teeth. Was preparing to pull off a 4th one when a friend gave me the Forever Bright NO-flouride toothgel. I never pulled off that 4th till date, 2 years after. I am a true convert with my family! That’s the only toothgel to use if your teeth are important to you.
–Bar Chinwe

No more cavities

The tiny cavity in one of my teeth made drinking cold stuff distressful. When I first used this Forever No-flouride Toothgel, I immediately felt some relief. Later, I forgot I ever had a problem on that tooth. I also use it to protect my fertility future for when I get married. I don’t want Low Sperm Count at all.

No more gum problems

My sister had a problem with her gums and teeth.
She got the Forever Bright NO-Flouride toothgel and today she is completely free of the issues
- Zu

No more teeth sensitivity

I had a hole in one of my teeth…I always had pains while drinking anything cold. I used the toothgel and today I have no pains and I have looked for the hole several times without seeing it
- Dr Glory

The Very Best Toothgel: Forever Aloe Bright Toothgel!

Readers of Readers’ Digest voted this The Best Tooth Gel, which means that many people are satisfied with the product.

Read Jane Lake’s review of Forever Bright:

"I bought Forever Living Toothgel because it was recommended by a good friend of mine. I am glad I took the recommendation because this toothgel is very effective. I have always had very yellow teeth as I used to smoke a lot and drink far too much coffee. This toothgel has really whitened my teeth and also stopped my gums bleeding".

There are many more testimonies.

Let’s take a look at the Active Ingredients of this Breakthrough Product to know why it gives amazing results and why it will be the Very Best Toothgel you will ever use!

Active Ingredients Of Forever Bright Toothgel:

It has no Flouride and no animal by-products making it suitable for Vegetarians too.

Stabilized Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera has been known for its healthful qualities for over 4000years.

In 2009, the Academy of General Dentistry released a study stating that toothgels containing Aloe vera are excellent and give smooth gums and teeth.

New discoveries have been revealed showing that aloe vera is beneficial in the treatment and prevention of teeth and gum problems.

The mouth contains millions of germs, viruses and bacteria.

Most of these microorganisms are harmless but certain types can build up along the gums and teeth causing Infections, Cavities and Gingivitis. Aloe vera works to destroy these harmful bacteria as it disinfects the mouth and fights infection.

Aloe vera helps the system to absorb more nutrients and assists in the assimilation of these nutrients, and these promote healthy bones and teeth, helping to reduce the risk of tooth decay.

Aloe vera works as a natural remedy for Bad breath (mouth odor) that is caused by harmful bacteria and fungi in the mouth as well as digestive problems.

It kills these harmful bacteria and fungi while promoting healthy digestion. It also helps to protect the soft tissues of the oral cavity reducing the likelihood of Bad Breath.

Periodontal diseases and Gingivitis caused by fluoride in your toothpaste can raise the risks of developing heart diseases, stroke, diabetes and lung infections. Studies have shown that those with gum diseases have a higher mortality rate compared to those who do not have gum diseases.

This is due to the harmful oral bacteria that invade veins and arteries causing arterial plaque-buildup and inflammation.

Using Forever Aloe Vera bright tooth gel will reduce the risks of developing these dangerous oral diseases which can lead to serious disorders.

How does Periodontal disease affect blood sugar levels? If the oral bacteria have spread to the blood stream, the body becomes confused and this can affect proper blood sugar level resulting in diabetes.

Harmful bacteria that grow within the oral cavity can also be breathed in which can cause infection of the lungs resulting in pneumonia or other lung problems.

Using Forever Aloe Bright ToothGel daily offers the healthy benefits of Protection, Prevention and Healing of oral conditions that could have led to serious disorders

Many denture wearers develop the oral conditions known as Stomatitis. This condition can occur from leaving dentures in the mouth while sleeping as well as from smoking or vitamin A deficiency.

Stomatitis is characterized by lesions that develop on the oral mucosa. A common cause of this disorder is the fungus, Candida Albicans.

Using Forever Aloe Bright Toothgel will destroy the Candida Albicans fungus due to its anti fungal properties.

Forever Aloe Bright Toothgel whitens teeth without abrasive bleaching agents which are harmful to teeth enamel.

Bee Propolis

Bee Propolis is the Second Active Ingredient of Forever Bright Toothgel.

Due to its antibiotic properties, Propolis is used in oral hygiene a lot. It inhibits different pathogenic microbes such as bacteria, fungi and virus in the mouth.

That’s why it is successfully applied against these different stomatological pathologic conditions:

There have been lots of tests in both rats and humans that have all showed positive results.

Pharmacological studies which have looked at Bee Propolis have illustrated among others, the antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, anti-fungal, antioxidant and antiseptic properties of Bee propolis.

The fact that Propolis has so many different properties makes it able to work in a holistic way.

Bees use this Propolis to line the walls of their hives, keeping the interior of the hives safer and more sterile than most operating rooms.

That’s how safe and sterile your mouth gets with daily use of this Amazing Forever Bright Toothgel that contains Bee Propolis.

Very Important!

Before You Brush Your Teeth Again… Attend to this Brand-Switch!

It is like going from darkness to light, from danger to safety, as far as your teeth and oral health are concerned!

Yes, I Want To Switch Immediately! How much is it?

Added Value is always important, whatever you are paying for.

For the wrong toothpaste and a wrong dental move, a friend lost her first daughter that had just finished National Youth Service Programme.

A young man, Engr Kayode, told me the other day that a dental clinic gave him a bill of 800,000Naira for his teeth…

You also need to know a few more facts about this Forever Bright toothgel…

Aloe Bright Toothgel is manufactured by the reputable company, Forever Living Products, whose scientific research advancement is celebrated in over 160 nations for nearly four decades now.

Consequently, Aloe Bright Toothgel has many International seals of Quality including

  1. Kosher: This is Israeli’s attestation stamp that the product is 100% Natural and therefore can be used by Jews all over the world.
  2. Halal: This is Islamic seal of endorsement making it acceptable to Muslims
  3. Nafdac: Our Nation’s stamp for excellent quality in Nigeria
  4. And many other certifications of quality excellence.


For a pack of 6 tubes of The Safest and Best Toothgel in the market today, which has No-flouride:

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Get a Free Aloe Ever-Shield Deodorant Stick

What’s special about this Deodorant Stick?

A lot, really!

-It doesn’t have Aluminum salts and Zirconium compounds which cause Breast Cancer. This ravaging breast cancer can be stopped.

Approximately 1% of the Aluminum we ingest orally gets absorbed into our bodies – the rest is moved out by your digestive tract PROVIDED IT’S FUNCTIONING WELL.

Digestion starts in the mouth

Imagine when you are battling with bleeding gum, mouth odour and constant low sex drive and you are daily applying Aluminum-based deodorant.

Studies have shown that a combination of Fluoride and Aluminium in our personal care products has led to the development of chronic diseases such as infertility, obesity, cardiovascular diseases, cancer, dementia etc.

Use this Deodorant stick and preserve yourself… Or, give it out to a significant girl or lady around you for their preservation. It is better and cheaper to preserve and protect than to medicate.

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My 100% No-Nonsense Iron-Clad-Satisfaction Guarantee!

I am 100% confident that this Forever Bright Toothgel will work for you and your loved ones.

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To Your Super Wellness!


Your Wellness Coach


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Right Now, are you wondering if to keep on with your regular toothpaste that has done you more harm than good over the years…?

You have 3 options really:

  1. Do Nothing about all the timely information you have read.
  2. Keep wondering what kind of damage your regular fluoride toothpaste has caused your teeth, mouth, fertility, brain, bones and others over time. And then try to “figure out” how to do it yourself somehow and live free of the problems you and your family are in already because of fluoride
  3. But I can tell you from my own experience and the experiences of millions of people, that options 1 and 2 are not good ideas at all.

    You need this No-flouride Toothpaste Solution before disaster hits or to correct or reverse already existing ones.

  4. Then there’s option 3!

Take Action Now!

When it comes to dental and oral care, time is simply not on your side.

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I don’t want that for you any more than you do.

Taking action Now is just the way to go!

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Bank Name: Diamond Bank

Account Name: Diamond Chike-Ogwo

Account Number: 004-630-6677

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