How to shrink your Prostrate naturally

Are you urinating frequently at night?


Your Urine Comes Out In Drops?


You Cannot Urinate Anymore?

There’s Hope Here!!!This Is Where We Re-Write The Story!!!You are at the Right Place at the Right Time!
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Prostate Enlargement is A Natural process In All Men. For some men, it is slow. For some, it is fast, rapid.
As Engineer Gabriel found out (Please, Read his Testimony Below), Extreme Prostate Crises Could Manifest Without Warning!

Now, Learn How To Shrink And Control Your Prostate Enlargement And Keep The Crises Permanently Out!***It is Most Important you pay attention Now and read through this timely, most relevant Prostate Wellness information! It has secured the Prostate health And Lives of thousands of men!

Prostate health is the concern of most men at 40 years old and above. Some start having issues in their 30s because of lifestyle. Urinary and Sexual Health Challenges become quite uncomfortable and embarrassing.See the Prostate gland position at image 1. below.

image 1.

The Nutritional gaps we experience because of the nutritionally deficient foods we consume create untold problems for our bodies. Our bodies are created/designed to last but not with poor nutrition. Many things therefore go wrong with our bodies: Excessive and speedy Prostate Gland Enlargement, Urinary Problems, Early aging, Erectile Dysfunction, Low and Zero Sperm Count, Poor Libido, Low Vitality, Different kinds of pains. These things are pointers to the fact that something is gone wrong Within our body system.

You Deserve This Good News Now! An Enlarged Prostate condition is Reversible for most men. Or at least, it shrinks to the point where you can function comfortably and without pains if you already experience pains while urinating. And the Crazy and Embarrassing Urgency to urinate would cease. Would this be good enough for you? So Get Set To Feel Well Again!

Engineer Gabriel shares his Testimony:

I am Engineer Gabriel.

I have always been healthy…Yes, until about four years ago…I noticed I had pains in my testes. And around my waist. I thought it was something that would disappear the same way it appeared. But it didn’t. I also noticed that my manhood went limp and couldn’t perform. This was a big problem because it was beginning to create bedroom embarrassment for me. How was I going to just keep going night after night without touching my wife…

It was a thing of heavy concern. I woke up several times per night to use the urinary. I would wake up in the morning feeling weak and tired. I tried a number of drugs that didn’t work for me.

I went to the hospital at the instance of my wife. They gave a diagnosis: Enlarged Prostate, and recommended what I dreaded: Surgery!!!

Secondly, they said I had a fifty-fifty chance…

I kept wondering: fifty-fifty? It may or may not work…A colleague of mine had died two years ago because of Prostate Enlargement surgery complication/error.

Worry took the better part of me. I became despondent.

I had been keeping the matter to myself and my wife. However, this fateful day, my old classmate called and asked why I sounded very low. I gave him my story.

He said he used a package that helped him: ProstateFit!

I bought the Natural Supplements Package. I was told to use it for two months. Within two weeks, the pains disappeared. Urination at nights became once or none. My manhood jacked back to life!!! Yes, jacked back to full life! My libido normalized. It’s 6months now and we are going strong! 

I sincerely appreciate the manufacturers of this ProstateFit package that is out there to help many men like me who experience prostate enlargement anomalies.

Engineer Gabriel.

How To Know You Have Prostate Issues

Your Prostate Gland is Enlarged and needs attention URGENTLY And NOW if you experience one or more of these:

A Weak or Slow urinary stream. See  image 2. below


A feeling of incomplete bladder emptying

Difficulty starting urination

Crazy Urgency to Urinate

 Getting up frequently at night to urinate

 Frequent urination during the day

 A urinary stream that starts and stops

 Straining to urinate

 Continued dribbling of urine

 Returning to urinate again minutes after finishing

 If you are a man over 40 years old

 Bloody Urine 

Your Enlarged Prostate gland can Shrink back to normalcy NATURALLY through Nutritional Supplementation! We have problems now that weren’t there about 100 years ago. Our soils lack the necessary minerals for healthy plant growth. Shifting cultivation that used to be the general practice is hardly tenable now because of over population and massive demands. Fertilizers and other chemicals used on our soils give us huge but nutritionally-poor yields. 

What does this mean to you? 

Simply put, you eat what you consider a good diet that’s, however, Nutritionally Deficient. It lacks the nutrients your prostate gland and other organs of your body need for optimal functionality.Toxins from foods and from polluted environment, water and even the air we breathe take their own toll.

So, why doesn’t your friend who shares the same environment and lifestyle with you suffer from the enlarged prostate like you?Genetics! No, you are not unlucky. It is only a delay. His will soon manifest except he takes preventive measures now.Yes, for most men, enlarged prostate is Reversible. And it can shrink to function nicely again and make you comfortable again.

Isn’t It Time We Addressed The Root Causes Of Enlarged Prostate?It amazes me how The Root Causes of health issues are almost never addressed. Instead, we just fight the symptoms. Take away the root causes of most abnormalities in the body and the abnormalities would disappear. This applies to Cancer, Arthritis, Diabetes, Kidney and Liver issues, Heart Disease and Enlarged Prostate!As already known, enlarged prostate has a number of causes which include but are not limited to: Nutritional Deficiency, Toxicity, Stress, Age, Cancerous Tumors, Lifestyle, etc.

Enlarged Prostate Issues can be Reversed with Simple Nutritional Supplementation! Sounds too simple? Oh, Yes! It’s that Simple! It just demands persistence, time and patience. Troublesome Prostate Enlargement is ALWAYS Reversible, Controllable and Preventable. It is mostly caused by Nutritional Deficiency. It is 100% Reversible! Reversible enough to make you comfortable and urinate normally again. Once you understand the missing factors, you can Stop the Rapid enlargement and Start Reversing the condition.Furthermore, you can Prevent it from becoming Cancerous.Your body needs Certain Minerals, Vitamins and Nutrients to Prevent Prostate Enlargement Issues or To Reverse it even if it’s already excessively enlarged.

Why Your Prostate Gland Swells Up Massively!Simply put, It’s just trying to do its job. Your prostate gland is like the thyroid gland. A deficiency of iodine in your thyroid gland makes the thyroid not function well. So it grows and grows, in a bid to function well enough to regulate other body functions. This massive growth of the thyroid gland is what you see externally on the neck as Goiter. An Enlarged Prostate is similar to Enlarged Thyroid and is medically referred to as Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH).Take a look at the image 3. below


The size of prostate exacts a major impact on men’s urinary health quality, sexual life and life in general. Today, Prostate Enlargement is one of the most Pressing Health Concerns globally. To fully understand what we have been discussing, take a look at and study the two diagrams (image 4. + image 5.) below.


As said earlier, when these glands lack the nutrients they need for optimal functionality, they grow and grow in an attempt to be strong enough to function well. This growth or enlargement is sideways, pressing (indeed, compressing) the urethra. The consequence is that your urethra becomes constricted (narrowed), making urine flow slow, weak, sometimes, in trickles.Because your urine bladder is hardly able to empty completely, the urge to urinate becomes frequent.Again, because of the pressure from both sides of the urethra caused by your enlarged prostate, you often experience a crazy urgency to pee, even having urine drops in your pants and trousers.The  interesting thing is that when the needed nutrients are available in the right quantity, the gland shrinks remarkably. This could take a few Days or a few weeks. So you must be diligent in taking your Nutritional Supplementation and be patient. 

Good news again is, if you are diligent at it, over time, you will notice that you urinate More Freely and Less Frequently. You will also notice that the crazy urgency to urinate has vanished. After a while (for some people within days, others within weeks), you will notice that you only get up once (if at all) during the night instead of six or seven times.If you already suffer pains during urination or ejaculation, they will lessening and then disappear! How Nice Is That! Your confidence soars because you now know you will never have to suffer from Prostate enlargement problems again! 

Yep! Give yourself a chance to feel real good and great again!!! Knowing more about your enlarged prostate and how to normalize and shrink it Naturally is vital. You will never be afraid of prostate enlargement again as you adopt a more natural lifestyle and use our Nutritional Supplementation.


Prostate enlargement is normal in men. The only issue is The Speed Of Enlargement!!! So if you have the symptoms of excessive prostate enlargement, the Nutritional Solution is here, to both Shrink it and keep it under Healthy Control.Yes, Within 15 Days!

Remember: The human body is programmed to heal itself NATURALLY, given the right nutrients in the right proportion!Read what a Retired Physician says in the Photo a. below.

Day after day, you will notice more improvement in your prostate condition and in your general health and wellness. You will just keep feeling better and enjoy improved vitality.

Theissues of reduced sexual ability and prowess, urinating 7 times each night, crazy urgency to pee, even when on transit in a vehicle with others, constant pain while urinating, will all Disappear as you heed this Prostate Health Clarion call now.

Again, embrace Nature’s way because only Nature makes Perfect. And your Prostate Gland is from NATURE and must be NATURE-Treated!

This is why we are here introducing to you, ProstateFit For Men (Nutritional Supplement), for Shrinking Men’s Prostate Enlargement, Reversing Urinary System issues, Low and No Sperm Count, Erectile Dysfunction, Poor Libido etc.

Just Exactly What You Are Thinking Of!

Yea, This is Simply Amazing!

ProstateFit is a Nutritional Supplement Pack that helps you maintain your Prostate Health and Wellness, keeping it in Normal size and shape. It promotes Libido, Sexual energy and sexual turbo drive, and improves Sperm count.

ProstateFit is all 100% Natural, made of strictly natural ingredients, no chemical additives at all. It has No side effects rather, it improves your general health while detoxifying your body and getting rid of free radicals.

ProstateFit is a Nutritional pack with International Certifications of Quality, like Kosher, Halal as well as Nigeria’s Nafdac certification:
See the photo, Seals 1. below

ProstateFit is a Dietary Nutritional Pack that contains the following BF SUMA Natural products:


2 Bottles of ProstatRelax:

* This health in a bottle protects prostate health

* Shrinks enlarged prostate

* Inhibits prostate enlargement

* Maintains urinary health: curbs frequent urination, dripping urination, crazy urgency to urinate

* It also increases testosteron production

* ProstatRelax prevents the conversion of testosteron to Dihydrotestosteron(DHT).

 DHT is boosts rapid prostate enlargement.

* Prevents urinary tract infection

* Alleviates pains or stiffness in lower back, hip and upper thighs

* Excellent for strong and harder erection

1 Packet Of Reishi 4in1 Coffee:

* This is a high immune booster

* Promotes self-healing

* Refreshes the brain, improves mental alertness, and energizes the body

* Prevents formation of blood clots

* Prevents viral infection

* Excellent for Liver, kidney and heart health

1 Bottle Of Pure And Broken Ganoderma Spores

* Ganoderma is anti-inflamatory

* It improves blood circulation

* Safe antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal

* Powerful antioxidant

* Detoxifies

* Relieves pains

* Helps maintain normal blood sugar and pressure

1 Bottle Of NMN

*  This is an Anti-Aging DNA-repair product. It repairs broken  DNA  strands

* Helps your system enjoy vitality of youth

* Shrinks prostate enlargement and maintains prostate health

* NMN nourishes your Prostate

* Repairs and ensures healthy blood vessels and organs

* Prevents/heals dementia and other age-related conditions

* NMN is Maximum Health and Youth Renewal in a bottle…

Your Prostate Gland with the rest of your Genital System Deserves Care And Better Nourishment. Give them what they deserve, and Look and Keep Fit with this Extraordinary Wellness Collection – ProstateFit

This 4-product combination makes up ProstateFit Pack for Men’s Health and will last you One Month. They are to be taken as recommended. Exact Dosage that makes it work would be sent to you. During this one month, your Overall Health and Genital System health will be greatly improved. Honestly, a trial of ProstateFit will Surely Put A Smile On Your Face From Right Inside You!

Why You Need To Get ProstateFit Pack Now!!!

You are probably wondering if this package would make the great difference and relieve you of the prostate issues you have been battling with.

You wonder if this ProstateFit Pack can be the Prostate Health Game-Changer you really long for.
Could this pack really reverse the issues and make you feel well again?

Yes, the question arises especially as you know of some friends and relations who have used the conventional surgery and synthetic drugs and ‘seem’ okay.

Do you know that some men actually go for prostate surgery twice or more? Different reasons!
Some still report poor/weak urine flow, constricted urine flow even after surgery…

Are you aware, sir, that some men die, and never wake up after the surgery?

We certainly don’t want this for you and you don’t want it either!

Some men are on very expensive chemical drugs just to keep themselves off prostate enlargement danger list. Some of them would tell you if you ask them, that they feel very weak inside. Some confess that the drugs actually turn them into walking vegetables!
Perhaps, you are already on these drugs.
The side-effects of these drugs are enormous. Critically, they negatively alter your body’s Natural Healing Response System.

Another side effect of all these conventional approaches is Impotence. Why would you suddenly turn into a baby boy in bed with limp manhood because of surgery or drugs? And you are just a middle-aged man. Healthy men of 80 and above still perform. Why would you close this chapter with your wife this early?

ProstateFit Pack is here presented to you to save you all these troubles, to save you all these embarrassments.
You promised your wife protection.
Please, here’s a way to help you live up to that promise, even now.

ProstateFit Pack is all NATURAL!
ProstateFit Pack will help restore your body’s Natural Healing Response System.Take advantage of our Promo price and get your own ProstateFit Pack Now, sir!

Now! How Much Do You Think ProstateFit Will Cost

You To Be Delivered To Your Doorsteps?

Ever thought about how Happy and Relieved you will be if you

  • Finally got rid of all Genital Problems especially with ProstateFit (a Most Effective and Result-Oriented Natural Men’s Health Therapy)?
  • Finally overcame all your Prostate and Urinary challenges?

This simply means that with this ProstateFit Pack: 

 You will stop having pains during urination

You will stop having bouts with frequent urination and crazy urgency to urinate

You will never have to complain about Burning sensation.

You will never have to complain about Enlarged Prostate Again.

Urinary Incontinence will never harass you again.

You will never face Erectile Dysfunction embarrassment again.

Premature ejaculation will be off your record as you will ‘come’ only when you are satisfied and fully done!

You will never have loss of libido nor impotence again

The Fear of sudden blockage of your urinary track (Urethra) would vanish

Now, consider the Value of what you are getting:

It will Save you lots of Money, Time, Embarrassments, Efforts, and your Health.

This is why we are giving you ProstateFit (SuperPack) at the Heavily Discounted Price of

arrow down

just ₦87,900 only!

This Discounted Price is Open for just a few days Only. You are just Damn Exceptional to be Here now! We have decided to keep this Offer Open for you for just a few days!

***For Prostate Health Maintenance/Prevention Of Prostate Issues (That is, If you don’t YET have Prostate Enlargement Issues)

Go For

ProstateFit MINIPack
(contains 2 ProstatRelax Bottles+ 1 Reishi

BuyNow so you don’t have to pay a lot higher…

Again, we are giving you a chance to get ProstateFit at the low, heavily Discounted, Promo price of ₦87,900 (SUPER) Or ₦30,500 (MINI) for just these few days only.

The ProstateFitSuperpack’s normal  Price is ₦107,000.

Don’t waste time anymore. Take advantage of this price slash and Secure and Protect your Prostate gland’s health.

Give your Prostate gland reasons to thank you…Get ProstateFit (SuperPack) now at  ₦87,900 Or ₦30,500 (MiniPack) only.

Pay on Delivery For SOME States In Nigeria.

Take advantage of this Special Offer Through Our Payment On Delivery Service IF your State of residence is covered by this service. You could call us to check. So you would Pay ₦87,900 to the Courier delivery man and Collect your ProstateFit SuperPack.

For ProstateFit MiniPack, you will Pay the Courier delivery man the sum of ₦30,500 only.  

Your Choice ProstateFit  will be delivered to your choice address Nationwide, and you will Pay Our Courier Team upon delivery.

ProstateFit can be Delivered to Your Office or House Address on Payment on Delivery. Order Your Pack Now!

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